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Can I have felony charges against me for a payday loan?

Watertown, WI |

A person called my father said he was investigator Dave wilk said I had 3pending felonys against me and said it was for a bounced check. I have not written a check in almost 3 or 4 years. Only thing I can think of is that I defaulted on a payday loan. I attempted to call the guy back and I got no answer. I am wondering if a 300 dollar payday loan can turn into a 3 felony case or if these are empty threats. The guy that called was from Texas and I live in Wisconsin. What's going on I'm scared!!!

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Call a local attorney and ask them to "run you for warrants." It will probably cost you a small fee, but will give you peace of mind. Your post makes me a little suspicious. That is not how people usually find out about felony warrants. Good luck.

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This sounds like a prank to me for a couple of reasons. 1) bounced checks on their own in WI do not amount to a felony, unless there was fraud. 2) most people would not find out about warrants this way; they would likely be arrested.
That being said, there is a public court system in WI that would allow you to find out if any court ordered warrants out for you and also if there are any open court cases. It wouldn't show probation warrants however. If you would like some help navigating this, please feel free to contact my office at 715-723-7160 and I can help you figure out where you stand.


I suspect the caller's claim about pending felony charges was a calculated collection agency attempt to panic you into contacting it and working out a repayment plan. You can check yourself whether there are any felony charges pending against you, at least any charges in Wisconsin.

If a Criminal Complaint charging you with any Felony or Misdemeanor has been filed in a Wisconsin Circuit Court, a entry noting it would likely be reflected within 1-2 business days on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program, which is often referred to as "CCAP" (pronounced "see-cap"). Anyone with a computer and internet connection can access it by googling "CCAP." Once in, type in your last name, first name, and date of birth, to bring up information about any pending cases concerning you (and/or cases from about the past 20 years or so). You can restrict it to cases in a particular county or do a statewide search. A Felony case would have a case "number" made up of a series of numbers and the letters "CF".
A Misdemeanor case would have a case "number" made up of a series of numbers and the letters "CM".
Any civil collections case related to the loan would have either a "CV" in the case number or , if filed in the Court's Small Claims Division an "SC" in the case number.

If any criminal case is, in fact, pending against you anywhere in Wisconsin, you would be wise to contact a criminal defense attorney confidentially right away. Is usually easier and less stressful to, if you can, get professional help in putting together your defense to criminal charges before you get arrested on a warrant than after.

Best Wishes!

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