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Can I have a nolle prossed charge expunged if I have an additional conviction?

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Original charge that was nolle prossed was in 1995. The second misdemeanor charge was in 1996 which I plead guilty. This was a separate incident. No other charges or convictions since then. Will I be denied the expungement of the 1995 charge?

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No one can tell you whether you will be successful or not in seeking an expungement. Certain records are eligible for expungement and other records are not. Records relating to an offense which was dismissed may qualify - as long as the dismissal wasn't pursuant to a first-offender scheme.

If the case was resolved in such a way that the records qualify - are able to be expunged at all - then you get to the question of whether in your particular case a Court will grant the request for expungement.

Simply stated, since you have a criminal record, you will have to persuade the court that there is a good reason to do so. As always, you should retain an experienced Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer to assist you.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Nolle prosequi charges are eligible for expungement under Virginia law, but only the Court can decide whether to grant a Petition for Expungement. Whether you can expunge a criminal record in the Commonwealth of Virginia principally depends on how the Court resolved the case, i.e. the final disposition, but the Court reviews other factors, including any other Virginia criminal offenses. In addition to exploring expungement, you may want to obtain a copy of your record as it appears in the FBI's national CJIS database. You can then request it be updated to reflect the nolle prosequi. The FBI system is the database most commonly searched for background checks, including employment, graduate school and professional licensing. Should you not be successful in obtaining expungement, you may also want to consider a pardon.

Please see below more detailed information on each of these options:


I have written a Legal Guide on Virginia Expungement, which tells you how to access your record and I hope can answer your question in greater detail. Please click on the following link:


You will likely have a record with the FBI because of the fact that you were fingerprinted in conjunction with your arrest. Unfortunately, most state law enforcement agencies send only the arrest charges to the FBI and do not update the record to reflect the final disposition of the case. This often confuses employers who look at the record and mistakenly assume that an applicant was convicted of all charges from an arrest. It is therefore helpful to obtain a copy of your record, and then to request that the FBI update the information to show which charges are actual convictions and which were dismissed.


Finally, if you are ineligible for expungement, you may want to look into requesting a Pardon. This is a time-consuming process and does not expunge the record, but does help mitigate its effects. Please see the link below for more information on the Virginia Pardons. I am also in the process of drafting a Legal Guide on the subject, so please check back with soon.

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