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Can I go to jail for extortion? Please tell me what u think.

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I have been accused of threatening my unborn childs father that if he didn't give me 8,000 for an abortion "he would pay". First off I never said that to him. I did ask for 8,000 but before that he had been begging me to take 5,000 and abort the baby because the baby would "ruin his life" and he also told me he would buy me a car. He said he'd do anything for me if I aborted our baby (I have it all in text). After he wouldnt leave me the hell alone about it and threatened not only to take my baby from me but also said he'd post naked pics he had of me on the net, I told him I would get it done but I told him first I would need 8,000 before I even went into the clinic or I wouldn't get it done. When we were about to meet I told him in text he'd better have the money. I nvr threatened him.

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Answered 02/16/2010: That sounds like a veiled threat to extort money to me. I think your baby daddy could have interpreted it as a demand for money (blackmail) if he did not do what you asked. On the other hand, I think he did it too, when he threatened to post naked pictures of you. Good luck with this.

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