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Can I go to jail for driving without a license?

Mckeesport, PA |

My license was suspended in 2007 for dui. I paid all the fines and restitution. I have a letter stating that once I paid a restoration fee my driving privlages were restored. I never paid the restoration fee. Can they send me to jail for driving on a dui suspended license

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Yes they can. Infact Driving under suspension DUI related, which is what this would be is punishable by a mandatory 60 days in Jail. Don't screw around with this, retain experienced criminal defense counsel, if all thats holding you up is the payment of a small resititution fee counsel may be able to help you get out of this. No guarantees of course but you really do need an attorney.

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Thank you for your time. It was very helpful.


If you are pulled over and charged with Driving on a Suspended License, DUI related, according to the law - there is a mandatory jail time associated with this offense. It is very important that you meet with an Attorney to discuss your case and the options you have as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact my firm to discuss your case. We have much experience handling cases such as these.

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Short answer to your question. Yes.

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Yes. Your suspension remains indefinite unti you process your reinstatement.