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Can i go to jail for accidentally spending my financial aid?

Cookeville, TN |

My financial aid was dropped into my bank account instead of sent to my school, but i received an e=statement saying that everything was in order so i thought the money in my account was excess aid, i was contacted later, after spending a significant amount of the money, and they said that the e=statement was wrong. They said they weren't going to press charges but i had to pay it back. I don't have the money to pay it back right now, and they don't take payments. My dad said i'm either going to jail or i'm going to be put on probation. How much trouble am i in, i don't understand.

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Attorney answers 1


Did you keep the old estatements showing that everything was in order? You need to get something in writing to them as soon as possible and payback everything you possibly can. Ask to set up payments for the rest or go to the bank and borrow the amount. Since they are not pressing charges, you are not going to jail. If they do decide to press charges ager, those old statements will be a very important part of your case. You will need a lawyer if they decide to press charges. You can't be put in jail for debts, they would have to prove that you somehow know the money wasn't yours and that you stole it.