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Can I go to court for being in a TN park after dark?

Clarksville, TN |

My sister, friend, and I were at a park and a police officer came around. He didn't get out of the car, and all we heard were muffled radio mumblings. Could he write down our license plate numbers and arrest/summon/charge us? We are underage. He never confronted us, but flashed a flashlight around park. It was around 9:30. Please help.

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If he didn't cite or arrest you there will be no record of the contact and you will not be going to court.


You are not in any trouble if the officer never contacted you and got your information. If it was 9:30 then you weren't out past curfew.

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No worries now. In the future keep in mind most parks usually have a sign posted which designates the opening and closing hours of the park. Remaining on the property after hours can result in a criminal trespass charge if you're not careful.

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