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Can i go to a law library, receive documents that state who the company uses as a judge?

Elkins, WV |

I have housing authority assistance, they pay my rent through Seneca Reality, I reported some repairs in October 2012 that they never fixed, so i contacted the housing authority to assistance on the manner, they failed the first inspection, go notice what needed to be fixed, when housing authority came the 2nd time, they failed again. in return Seneca gave me a notice to eviction

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Companies don't use judges. Judges are appointed to cases. It sounds like Seneca doesn't want to make the repairs and when they lose the housing authority money, there won't be anyone to pay the rent. It is possible to get legal assistance at your local bar association.


The question is confusing, but the judge is at the court, and it is he/she who will decide if you get evicted. I urge you to speak with a landlord attorney or contact Legal Aid of WV, It sounds that you may have a defense to eviction based on breach of quiet enjoyment, breach of habitability and retaliatory eviction.

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