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Can i go home to my country and go back here in us with conditional green card?

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i overstay in us for almost 2 years with b2 visa, and the immigration inspector come to my house, told me that i need to go back to my country, they give me 14 days to go home, before 14days ends i got merried to us citizen and file my papers to uscis. now i had my green card for almost 1yr 3months. my wife is not going with me for vacation. can i go back to my country for 1 month and comeback in us without problems? with conditional greencard? and with that history? (overstay and immigration officer visit me to my house just talk verbally)

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I think this may be a duplicate question submission -- Your conditional residency means that USCIS has forgiven your past overstay. You should not have problems re-entering the US, assuming that you don't stay abroad too long. Good Luck


It is confusing as to if you are on tourist visa, or if you have a green card. If you have a green card, even a conditional one, then your past overstay is not an issue and you can travel abroad safely for up to six months. If you do not have a green card, you need to be very careful as you will likely be subject to a 10 year bar on reentering the US. If you are still confused, talk to an immigration attorney.


Yes you can go home for a month with the conditional green card. Bear in mind that you cannot be out of the U.S. for 6 months or more at a time.

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