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Can I go find a different job with a different company while I am on workmans comp from a different employer?

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Also would like to know if I do pass all the test, will the new company know I was currently on workmans comp? I have been on workmans comp since Aug 2012. They sent me to 3 different Drs. First one said he couldnt do anything more for me after 2 injections. Second one wanted to do surgery right away. Now the new believes the body heals itself, plus gave me another injection.
I have been offered to take some tests for a great company that EVERYONE in our town is trying to work at. If I pass all the tests and am offered a job can I take it and will the new company know I was on workmans comp from my current employer now? I havent been released from the new Dr to return to work yet. They said I could return on light duty, but my current employer does not offer light duty.

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You typically can take another job while you have an open Workers' Compensation claim, but you will not be able to continue collecting TTD. Assuming you are collecting TTD, if you take a new job, you should notify your insurance carrier so that TTD does not continue while you have income. TTD is income replacement and should not be collected if you are working and you are receiving the same amount of money.


YOU CAN get a new job during a pending Comp Claim, but in California it complicates finishing the case.

As a Defense Attorney, I would "Join" your NEW employer for 'Contribution' if I ever read in any medical that you started a new job and any pain got worse.

Then your new employer that you want so badly would be furious with you!

IF THERE IS ANY OPPORTUNITY to wrap up the claim NOW or in the next few weeks, DO THAT. Then when you start at your new job there won't be the chance that the insurance company will 'sue' or 'join' your new employer and make them mad at you.


Yes you can take a new job. You need to be careful how you go about it however. First of all, you should get a description of the type of work you will be doing and ask your present comp doctor if he would release you to do that type of work. If he says yes, you have solved the problem as mentioned by the lady from Ca. You can do that without telling the doctor that you are looking for more work but if you trust him you could say you would like to get back to some sort of work and if you found a job doing such and such type work would he ok it. Then you would need to be truthful on any applications and or medical exams you might have to fill out and go through for the new job. If you deny any injury or make any false statements about your condition you are asking for real potential problems. And yes if you get the job and start earning income you NEED to notify the comp insurance company right away. Good luck.