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Can I get visitation rights to see my grandson?

Milwaukee, WI |

My son and his girlfriend had a baby 6 years ago, then broke up when my grandson was 11 months old. Both my son and the child's mother have been screwing around with visitation. They both say it's the other person's fault that my son does not get to see his child. I believe it's is the fault of both of them. Regardless, I want to see my grandson whether my son wants to do what he's supposed to or not. I haven't seen my grandson in over 3 years. Each time we try to set something up with the child's mother, she finds a way to back out of the arrangement. I need to know how to go about getting some low income legal help so that I can get court ordered visitation.

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Well you are in luck. Milwaukee is one of the counties that has a self help group. They are very good, and will help you. They have hours almost everyday of the week. Start there and contact me if you have problems they can't solve.

Their number is (414) 278-2912.

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