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Can I get this Misdeameanor Marijuana Possession expunged from my record

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

As you know it's difficult getting a job with a record.I have 2 prior marijuana misdeameanor "arrest".Basically I was cited but never arrested.The first incident happened in 2007 resulting in a Nolo-Contendre.The second incident happened in 2008 resulting in a Pre-Trial Intervention Program & Dismissal.Would I be able to get the 2nd offense expunged even though I have a Nolo-Contendre charge previously with the 1st? I was told I can have this charge expunged after the Pre-Trial Intervention Program.Is this true?

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Yes, you are eligible if you were not convicted on the 07 charges. See the identical question you posted for a more detailed response.

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You should be able to have the 2008 charge expunged as long as you were not adjudicated on the 2007 charge. Contact an attorney to discuss the process. It can be a little confusing. You may be able to find a firm that can work with you on payments. It is common for sealing clients to have trouble with employement so payment plans are available at our firm.


Should not be an issue for the second charge so long as you do not have a prior conviction (adjudication of guilt).