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Can I get these bad tenants to leave without offering compensation?

Los Angeles, CA |

I'm a landlord and have some problem tenants in Los Angeles, CA. They have caused numerous damages to the property (and numerous complaints with other tenants). I want them to leave - but will I have to pay them compensation to do so?

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Even if the City of Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) applies, if the tenants are creating a nuisance that is a ground for eviction without paying relocation fees.

The valid reasons for an eviction under the RSO are listed in the link below.

Further, you cannot evict a tenant without a valid reason under the RSO. However, you can make an agreement for a tenant to voluntarily move out in exchange for compensation.


A landlord is required to pay relocation fees if the building falls under rent control in areas such as the City of Los Angeles. There are some instances when the landlord is required to pay relocation assistance to a tenant. See:

To avoid having to pay relocation assistance, you will need to consult with an eviction attorney to ascertain whether or not you have valid grounds to evict these tenants.

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You can attempt to evict them if you have valid grounds, otherwise, if the building is under rent control, you will have to pay relocation assistance.