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Can i get the license for cna or plebotomy with a felony?

Tampa, FL |

I have a 3rd degree felony/grand theft. Also i have a insurance fraud. Both back in 2009, but i got the judment on 2010. I finish probation for grand theft, im on probation now for the insurance fraud. I have been good on my probation, also besides that im clean. I want to know if i can be qualified for the cna or plebotomy license, job search can be difficult but not impossible. I make a mistake, been with wrong people at the wrong time. I think i can do it!

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In my experience, it is going to be tough, but to be sure you need to reach out to the licensing agency. Speak with the agency directly and see what the specific criteria is.

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It many be hard. You need the help of an attorney.


It would be helpful to have a little more information. First did you receive a withholding of adjudication on both charges? Did both the charges arise out of the same incident? If you received it withholding adjudication and both charges arose out of the same criminal incident, meeting to count information they may be eligible to be sealed and later expunged. Otherwise, they will be on your current criminal record and will be viewed as part of your background check. I'm not sure whether or not a withholding adjudication on any felony charge would render it impossible to become a licensed phlebotomist or not. A quick review of the guidelines to become licensed would be needed in order to give you an accurate answer. Either way if you are eligible to have these charges sealed I would do so immediately in order to clean up your criminal record and make it easier to get a job in the future.



the first one (theft) yes it was a withholding. the 2nd im not sure, but i think it was, because i cooperate all what i can with the detective. i know i can sealed or sponge the first one, but can i sponge or sealed both?