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Can I get supervision twice in a year, even if I was already court supervision when the most recent traffic violations occurred?

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I received a ticket in November 2012 for "Failure to Reduce Speed", which resulted in a fender bender type accident. I then received two more tickets in the same county, in the same weekend in the month of March 2013. One of the tickets was 31 mph over, and the other was 16 mph over. I had six month court supervision on the first ticket I got, so that means I was still on court supervision when I received these two most recent tickets. I am already looking for lawyers, but is there any hope that I can get court supervision again, and get the one ticket reduced so I don't have a Class B Misdemeanor on my record and not have my license suspended? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, because I am REALLY freaking out!! I am a teacher and cannot afford to lose my license.

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Yes, it is possible to avoid a license suspension under the set of circumstances you described. Technically, you are eligible for 2 orders of court supervision during any 12 month period (three convictions within a 12 month period would result in a license suspension). However, an offer of supervision is at the discretion of the prosecutor. It is highly advisable that you continue looking for an attorney to discuss the specifics. Many times, it is possible to have the aggravated speeding charge amended to a petty offense in Lake County but this depends on a variety of factors. Of course, it is more difficult with a number of recent citations. One piece of advice in Lake County is to set the tickets for trial to increase chances a dismissal if the officer fails to appear. Contact an attorney!

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Thank you for your detailed and knowledgeable response! You're insight has provided me with some semblance of comfort as I endure this process!


If you cannot afford to lose our license, SLOW DOWN! You could face up to 6 month in jai and a $1500 fine. You need a lawyer.l


You can get two supervisions in a year. You can avoid a suspension now, so long as you don't get any more tickets.



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