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Can i get sued for breaking someones nose and what do I do?

Buffalo, NY |

I was arrested for assault with my neighbor, awaiting my hearing. never arrested before and my first offense. im expecting and acd but heard that this person is "milking this for what its worth and taking me to the cleaners". she is on social services and I work but dont have much only own two cars.

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Yes, you can get sued for breaking someone's nose. She can sue you for actual and punitive damages. I would suggest you get an attorney, especially as there are criminal charges pending.


You question poses additional questions, some of which are NOT rhetorical:

1 You say this is your first offense, yet you claim to be "expecting an acd". ACD is not a term those outside the system are familiar with, so either you are being disingenuous, have spoken to 'friends' who are familiar with the system, or have spoken already to an attorney. With so many resources, why do seek the free advice from this site ?

2 You punched a female, breaking her nose, and you claim "she is going to milk this". If you were on a jury, civil or criminal, how would you treat a defendant under these facts ?

Hire a lawyer. What you do about your conscience and values is up to you.

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