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Can I get someone for Vandilisim for going up on Private Property and Taking out my car windows?

Covington, KY |
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Sue for property damage.


You can do 2 things. They will both require that you have actual proof that the person you believe did this actuallly did it. Did you see them do it? Did someone else see them do it? Is there video? Is there other forensic evidence (fingerprints, blood, footprints, etc)? If there is strong evidence, go take out a criminal warrant. If the court finds them guilty or they plead guilty you can usually ask for restitution. If the evidence is circumstantial or weak, file a small claims case (limit $2,500). The burden of proof is lower so you still could win. But, you will have to chase the money yourself. If you have no real evidence, turn it in to your insurance company (both homeowners and car) and let them try and prove who did it.
Good Luck.



The spark plug that was used the officer would not take it. I have the spark plug still.

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