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Can i get SAFE P [drug rehab] after violating my deffered probation?

Lubbock, TX |

I am on 8 years deffered probation for aggervated robbery.This is my 3rd time my po has did a mtr or arp .I have been reinstated twice with the conditions of my last release that i attend a rehab treatment.As i have had issues with drugs the reason being i havent complied with my probation.And they added 2 years to my probation.When my po filed to revoke me this time she stated that she was going to recommend that i go to safe p.Will the da take her recommendation into consideration.Im currnetly looking for a lawyer to represent me in this matter.I have not got any new cases.I have had only technical violations.

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If your probation officer is recommending SAFP, there is a great chance that the prosecutor & the judge will agree - especially given your history of drug abuse. It is in the community's best interest that you obtain help for your problem so that you do not find yourself in the position of going to prison for a stint (in which you will not receive help), then being release with the same problem (& probably committing additional offenses to feed that problem.)

Once you hire the lawyer, you should do everything that lawyer tells you to do. In the meantime, if you are on bond, you should be attending NA classes nightly to show your committment to obtaining help with your problem.


Ms. Henley gives sage advice. I would agree that given your history of revocations and relapses that SAFP is appropriate. It is more likely that the judge will order it if probation is recommending it. You will most likely have to sit in county jail (with no credit) until a space opens up (and I have heard that this can take up to 6 months). Also, SAFP can be very, very difficult to complete (read the horror stories online), but it's probably better than prison.

You should consult with a local criminal defense attorney that handles felony probation revocations.