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Can I get reimbursed for funeral expenses if I am not the beneficiary?

Brooklyn, NY |

My brother left all of his property to my sister none of the other 5 siblings were named in the will. At the funeral my sister refused to pay so I paid to give my brother a proper funeral. What rights do I have in the state of New York? I had her sign a paper stating she would pay me back, but can I put a claim on the estate for payment? Aren't funeral costs, taxes and debts paid first before anything is released?

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I'm not admitted to practice law in New York, so you need to ask a New York lawyer. But if this were California, you would absolutely be able to file a claim for funeral costs. They would be a "priority claim" that would have to be paid after taxes and before lawyer's fees and executor's fees.

In California you only have a limited time in which to file a claim in the probate proceeding (4 months after "letters of administration" or "letters testamentary" are issued). Other states have different rules, so make sure you file your claim on a "timely" basis or it will be barred.

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A funeral creditor (you) has priority over all other claims and expenses of the estate. The law requires that you be reimbursed from the first monies coming into the estate.