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Can I get premium reimbursements from my auto insurance company in Massachusetts?

Webster, MA |

I have Liberty Mutual , in Massachusetts , and they had me paying a high premium for the past several months because I was in a hit and run auto accident . They found me to be more than 50% at fault , which was ridiculous , so I filed an appeal with the Board of Appeals and I had a hearing . The Board of Appeals reversed Liberty Mutual's decision and they found me to be less than 50% at fault . I received a letter in the mail notifying me of this decision . So , now that I have that reversed , and Liberty Mutual has been ordered to lower my premium to the correct amount , can I get a refund from all the months that I paid the high premium since it wasn't my fault ?

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Generally speaking, yes. Once the determination has been made that you were less than 50% at fault, the board notifies both you and your insurance company and you should receive a refund of the surcharge you paid while your appeal was pending. Best of luck.

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Ok, thanks. So, there is probably nothing else I need to do? The Insurance Company will automatically send me my refund check? How long should I wait before I contact them?

Emma A. Kremer

Emma A. Kremer


You can contact your insurance company immediately if you want, to insure they received notice of the determination and to get an ETA on your refund.


Yes, you most certainly can (assuming the facts as you stated them above and there are no other issues). If the surcharge was reversed you should get either a reimbursement check or you can ask that it be credited towards your auto insurance bills.

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