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Can I get out of my lease or place a mechanic's lienon my slumlord?

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recently moved into a house. When I was given the keys the power was not on due to some recent electrical work & as per the owner the city inspector would be here that Monday & we would get the power on that Monday or Tuesday @ the latest. 1 and a month later the power was turned on after passing inspection. Now its cold out & we have no heat. The owner brought us 3 space heaters for a house a little over 2000 sqft & the breakers trip if we have the heaters and our dryer or computer or more than 1 tv on. He keeps giving us the run around will turn off his phone for days and only call us & come by when we threaten him that we would like to be released from our lease due to the house being out of compliance. I know I can not withold rent for repairs however he doesn't want to fix anything

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You should be very very careful trying to withhold rent for repairs. It is quite complex to do properly, especially without the assistance of an attorney. Most times the tenant gets it wrong and ends up with a nonpayment of rent suit on their hands. Talking to a landlord tenant attorney will give you some insight as to the problems here. Good luck.

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You probably can break your lease. However, you must follow the exact procedure in order to do so. Helpful information for breaking your lease can be found here:
And here:

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