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Can I get out of my lease due to infestation of roaches and scorpions?

Lake Mary, FL |

Can i get out of my lease due to infestation of roaches and scorpions? We keep complaining to the front office and they tell us that we need to request for pest control to come out even though we pay monthly for the service. The last time we showed them the actual scorpion, the front office lady threatened to call the police on my fiance for complaining too much, and was using slander in front of an office full of residents. She then called later that day to tell us just to drop off the keys in the drop box and leave that day without any notice or reason to evict. I am 4 months pregnant and we have a six year old son and I am afraid to even sleep in the apartment. What should we do?

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They cannot evict you by telling you to leave. They have to file an action in court after posting a 3-day notice on your door. Before they do that, send them a certified letter of non-compliance with the Landlord/Tenant Act, Fla. Stat. Ch. 83 and advise them they have seven days to cure the problem or you will withhold rent for the non-compliance.

Have you requested the pest control service in writing? Most apartment complexes require written requests.

If you can afford to move, I would do that. It's not worth the health risk, even if they resolve the issue in seven days.

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