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Can I get out of a shoplifting charge if I've already admitted to the store's security that I came with that plan/intention?

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If I got busted with $98 worth of goods in my purse at Walmart and stupidly admitted that they I came there with the plan/intention to shoplift, and police threatened to impound my car if I didn't tell them the name of my accomplice (who got away)... saying I could "make it easy" or "make it hard" on myself (by answering them)... would that kind of threatening be grounds for the case to be dismissed, or at least for my admission to be disregarded as being under duress?

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There are a few options available in Travis County that would allow you not to take a conviction on this theft charge. Contact a local attorney for some advice.


There may be a few different ways to get the case dismissed, but it won't have anything to do with those statements. You need an experienced attorney to walk you through this.

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Your statements will not assist you in getting the theft charge dismissed. You need to hire an attorney as theft convictions can have very serious long-term consequences. There may be options available to keep this off your record.

Nothing in this answer constitutes an agreement to represent you in any criminal case. Additionally, the information provided above does not constitute legal advice.


An experienced criminal defense attorney can and should motion the judge in your case to suppress the confession on whatever ground(s) he or she feels has the highest chance of success (i.e. Miranda, undue and unlawful duress, etc.). Ultimately, the decision will rest with the judge and will depend on facts specific to your case.

Separate and apart from what you said to a cop or Walmart employee, I highly recommend that you consult an experienced criminal defense attorney in Travis County. Theft is considered a "crime of moral turpitude," and in the eyes of many employers it carries a negative stigma much more serious than other class b misdemeanors. A criminal defense attorney familiar with Travis County may be able to pursue a number of options on your behalf, and in so doing may be successful in keeping a theft conviction off of your criminal record.

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