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Can I get off of sex offender registration after 25 years of good behavior?

Estacada, OR |

My charge was sex abuse 1 in 1989, I turned my self in for the crime, and pled guilty. I did approx. 3 years prison , in that time I volunteered for a program in the state hospital for sex offender treatment and completed 17 months. plus all the requirements of post prison supervision. With the blessing of my parol Officer. Since that time have not got even a traffic ticket. Expunge? Discharge? In Oregon is this possible? Thank you for your help

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The information on this page on the website may answer your question,



Mr. Johnson, Thank you for this imformation. If I am reading this right , on the qualifications I can safey say 1 out of the four is true in my case; this was my only sex crime in my life. I will look in to this further thru this web site. Thanks for the link.