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Can i get off of probation if i pay restitution

Knoxville, TN |
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There is no way to answer you yes or no without knowing what your sentence was. It most jurisdictions once restitution and court costs are paid then you go on an unsupervised status. You are still on probation for 11/29 but you don't have to report. With that being said, there is no way to fully answer your question.

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I agree with Mr. Hodges. I would also like to point out that payment of restitution is probably a condition of your probation, meaning that if the restitution is not paid during the period of your probation then your probation may be extended until it is paid off. As such I would recommend that you pay off the restitution as soon as you are able.

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Without more information regarding the specific terms of your probation, your question cannot be accurately answered. In general, there is more to probation than just being required to pay restitution. If probation were to terminate upon the accomplishment of a specific task (such as paying off restitution), it is likely in your Judgment Order and I encourage you to refer to that document.

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