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Can I get my vehicle out of a 30-day hold with an appeal or special form?

Sacramento, CA |

I am facing close to $2,000 in fees for never leaving my house, but for simply letting a friend borrow my car for an errand. They did not know their license was suspended, and I do not have special powers to verify the validity of a license when the person ticketed tells me they have a license. This just seems like racketeering if you ask me. I can't work now without a car, I can't take kids to and from school, I can't afford the fees, I can't do anything. All because I let a friend borrow my car. This is so ridiculous. Please help!

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Filed under: Vehicle title Appeals
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Sorry for the problem. Your friend caused this issue as the law is what the law is. So, essentially, if you want to go after someone for "damages" it is your friend you need to look to. That said if ANYONE knows anything about impound laws I would think it is Steve Simons out of SoCal. Look him up at the state bar website and give him a call. He may know a work around, maybe...

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