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Can I get my speeding ticket dismissed for incorrect speed limit on ticket?

Aurora, CO |

I received a traffic citation for speeding (51 in a 35). However, the posted speed limit on the road is 40 MPH. I retraced my route, and the speed limit DOES reduce to 35 MPH, but not for a half mile AFTER the point the officer says he clocked me. Previous to that point, the speed limit is 40 MPH.
Can I get my ticket dismissed over this discrepancy, even though I was still exceeding the posted 40 MPH limit?

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Attorney answers 2


That discrepancy won't help you, as your speed exceeds the true speed limit.

It may be worth going to court, though - the fines for 16 over the limit are likely to be higher than 11 over. Make sure the judge knows what the "true" speed limit was. You may catch a break.


That error will not invalidate your citation.