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Can i get my record sealed or expunged all together if i can prove my innocence with four out of six charges on my record?

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hello. i understand that in ohio you have to have only one or two misdemeanors in order to have your record expunged. my record includes one count of public indecency, one count menacing, one count menacing by stalking , one count trespassing, and two counts of disorderly conduct which one case was dropped but its still there. its been more then one year with the conviction of public indecency and the disorderly conduct. as far as the menacing and menacing by stalking im going to take it back to court and dispute that im innocent because i did not knowingly do the crime and in the trespassing case i hope to pull up a document supporting my innocence . that only leaves 2 more cases. so in this case can the court turn a blind eye and grant expungement all together?

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You should get a consultation with a good Cleveland criminal defense attorney to help you with this process. Proving factual innocence is a difficult endeavor.

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I agree with the previous answer. There is too much history here for a lawyer to try to figure out
over the internet -- or the phone -- whether or not you are eligible to seal your criminal convictions.

Meet in confidence with an experienced criminal defense attorney and he/she can look up all of your criminal cases to determine whether or not you should spend the time and money to attempt to seal your convictions.

If you are successful, it will be a good investment in the long run because it will greatly increase your chances of obtaining a good job, which will result in higher income for decades.


The court can not turn a blind eye. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney and review all of the cases to see if you can withdraw your plea and start from scratch. This is very difficult to do. You are basically saying that you are hoping that you will be able to undo at least four pleas and start from scratch. The odds are not in your favor. Even if you are successful in withdrawing the pleas that may not be in your best interest because starting over means that if you lose the court could sentence you over. You need to consult privately with a criminal defense attorney.

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Judges don't make exceptions when the law compels them to do or not do something.

As the other attorneys have said, what you're actually requesting is to withdraw 4 different pleas and try to win the cases. This is not only difficult it will be very expensive. I've said this several times here on Avvo lately: this is why cases need to be fought when they're pending and not years later.

We all very much wish it were an easier process but know going into this it will be extremely difficult. Good luck.