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Can I get my record expunged or apply for a pardon on a criminal trespassing & obstruction of police officer? 1st & only offense

Marietta, GA |

I was a senior in high school in 2003, & spray painted a basket ball court with several other seniors. We ran when the police officer came, but some of us came back when he told us to stop. That was the obstruction part. I made restitution and the case ended in nolle prosecute. Now I can't get my record expunged. At least 1 of the other seniors with me has had his record expunged. I know he did not get nolle prosecute, but we used the same lawyer and he also made restitution. I have applied for over 150 jobs and have not been able get any employment. Is there any way I could get pro bono or low cost legal help to apply for a pardon? This was a stupid mistake I made as a teenager, my first and only time I have ever been in any trouble. I would make payments as soon as I am employed.

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Your facts do not indicate whether you actually tried to get your record expunged. In GA the prosecutor's office (the DA or Solicitor General) normally has packets in their office for this process. The packets are self explanatory. If you have not completed the packet do soon to get the process started. You need to mention that your co-defendant’s record was expunged for the same offense. If you have already applied, apply again and let them know that your co-defendant’s charges were expunged by this same office. Best of luck.

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