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Can i get my record expunged from another state?

Canon City, CO |

I have a domestic violence and a simple possesion on my record from five or six years ago and i also have a dui from march of 09

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Yes, you can get an expungement of a record in another state (assuming your charges are capable of being expunged); however the expungement proceeding must be filed in the State where the charges were brought.


You need to contact the clerk of the court where you were sentenced and convicted of each of these crimes. They can guide you as to whether each of these crimes can be either sealed or expunged. Laws of each state vary greatly as to sealing or expunging criminal records.

Contact a lawyer that practices in the State where to were convicted.

In Colorado Domestic violence and DUI convictions cannot be sealed (for adults).


Sealing or expunging a case is based on the law of the state in which the case occurred, not where you live now. Colorado law does not allow you to seal out-of-state convictions. Sealing/expunging law varies radically from state to state, anywhere from no ability to seal to being able to seal just about any case. You should contact an attorney in West Virginia; you should be able to find someone who will tell you over the phone whether it is possible under West Virginia law. I would not rely on information provided by personnel at the court because 1. they can't provide you legal advice, and 2. I find they often are guessing but act like they know what they are talking about.

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