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Can I get my probation transferred out of state if I am being threatened and harassed?

San Diego, CA |

I am 22 years old and being stalked and harassed by an ex boyfriend, and want to move out of state but I am on probation I'm the state of California for 2 more years. What I am on probation for is completely unrelated to this person. I receive anywhere from 30-60 very long harassing and threatening text messages a day, and several phone calls. I have told him to leave me alone many times, but now i do not answer or respond. He has threatened to show up at my work and my house. He is also a heavy drug user (I am not and never have been), and possibly mentally ill. He has his friends stalk me on the internet (i have blocked him) and will call or text me knowing exactly what I have been doing. I don't feel safe in San diego. Is it even possible to get my probation transfered out of state?

I was in an abusive relationship in the past and suffered domestic violence. I don't want to live in fear. It's hard for me to feel like I can trust anyone I know in San Diego because we both know all the same people, and he has more than one person telling him everything that I do. If I contact the police the problem will get worse. Probation Officer is also being very difficult about giving me information about the interstate compact.

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Hire a locally experienced criminal defense attorney to walk you through the process of applying for an interstate probation transfer.

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Yes, you can have your probation transferred out of state. It may be easier if you retain a lawyer to assist you with this request. Many lawyers offer free consultations and you should speak to some over the phone or in person regarding this issue.

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