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Can i get my money back if the police has no proof of probale cause for pulling me over?

Orlando, FL |

i was pulled over the other day by undercovers they said there reason for pulling me over was i didnt have on my seat belt they took my money and my phone they were answering my phone and read my text messages but they didnt give me a ticket for the reason they say they pulled me over

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You need to hire an attorney. Under a recent Florida Supreme Court opinion, they cannot look through your phone without a warrant.



they said there probale cause of pulling me over was i didnt have on a seatbelt but i didnt get a ticket for it


You definitely need to contact an attorney! An attorney can help you retrieve your items from the law enforcement agency and in case some other case comes up related to what police may have seen on your phone. Now, if the money is being kept as part of an "investigation" for a case, it may take a bit to get it back. Law enforcement is permitted to keep items that they "find" until either the investigation or case is over.

Did you consent to the search of your car/person/phone? There may definitely be some suppression issues (meaning that this very well may have been an illegal stop and search), as my colleague smartly mentioned there is some new law out there that can help with cell phone searches, and getting ahead of this will be your best defense. If you are ever stopped again, make sure you know your rights.

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