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Can I get my life insurance policy back in force?

Lacey, WA |

My policy stated if disabled for at least 6 mo coverage would continue at the same premium or even free . But after the company let me go at 4 months. the monthly premium increased x 10 I could't afford to pay. I have a head injury that interferes with thinking and judgment. I am still disabled and expected to be for awhile. I have tried other life ins. none of them will insure because of head injury and disability .Anyway, do I have ANY rights at all here? I feel like I went to work one day and just lost my whole world I have worked for. I just keep losing and losing and losing. Is there any way to get my life ins policy back in force at a reasonable premium? while I was working it was 113 a month on the 5th month after they let me go the premium went to over $1000.

I was terminated after 4 months because i was still not released to work and they needed someone in my position. I had been paying my company all four months I was off my $113 premium by personal check. Then they sent the last check ( month 5) back saying since I didn't work there I would need to do a conversion. That's when the amount went up 10 Xs.

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Your question involves several legal issues and I would encourage you to consult with an attorney in your area. There are several issues to consider. First as to your life insurance, it appears that this is a group benefit plan made available through your employer. As such, it will be controlled by Federal law under ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) which governs all employer provided benefit programs. The wording of the plan language re: "disability" and "qualifying period" for premium continuation need to be reviewed to determine if the Insurance company's action were in violation of the plan.

Also, if your employer is subject to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) they may have been required to hold your position and not terminate you. This might also re-open the premium rate guarantee.

You indicate that you will be disabled for quite some time to come. If the disability is going to continue for over a year, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Finally, you do not indicate what caused your "disability" but if it was related to employment or work-related, you may have workers compensation benefits available. Or, if the disability was caused by the negligence of a third-party you may have a liability claim for damages against the third party.

All of these various issues or potential issues should be discussed with an attorney in your area. You have a complex situation involving several different areas of law. I am not licensed in your State so I can not provide anything more specific to this response.



I am a Registered Nurse and was the current Director of Nursing. One morning last April,11 I was attacked by a male alzheimers patient. Head staples, ear partially torn off, back, neck, unconsious type of thing...but...most of my disability is from overwhelming PTSD with panic attacks and agoraphobia. I am on workers comp. However, so far they are paying my time loss and I flat out cant afford to have 10-30% of my time loss taken at this time. The life insurance really really bothers me. As I'm sure you know there are exclusions and benefits provided years into a policy vs a new one even if I could get accepted . MY insurance was for quite a bit. required exam. I will try and speak with insurance lawyer. Can type better than I can speak. I appreciate both of your respones. Though I suspect Mr.Lassen was poking just a little bit of fun at my lack of ....common sense to do a google on it. I really don't understand a lot of it..lesions on the brain that are possibly from prior trauma...but not THIS trauma..hmm of course not. Thank You both


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