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Can i get my license reinstated early?

Milledgeville, GA |

I lost my license in 1999 from a dui and possesion of marijuana. I never got them reinstated and since then ive also recieved 2 additional marijuana possesion charges and a driving on suspended license. The most recent charge was possesion of marijuana in 2005. I talked to the dmv and they said i would have to complete a 20 hour dui course, pay a 840 dollar reinstatement fee and then wait another year. Is there anthing i can do to get them back earlier. Its already been 13 years since ive had my license and the last charge was 7 years ago.

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Possibly- and I lean towards a yes. But you won't do it going through the DMV(DDS)- You will get a different answer each time. Lawyers go to the head legal person at the DDS, and deal with your case in particular. Unless your version of the facts differs from the DDS' version, I think you ought to be ok.

We deal with this sort of case all the time; I'm sure other lawyers do, too.

Call if you need assistance. Good luck.

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Given the amount of timne from the last incident, the answer to this question should be yes you can get the license back. Of course this is assuming that your recollection matches your criminal history and dds records. You should obtain a copy of your criminal history and a 7 year mvr (Motor Vehicle Record). Take them to any qualified attorney in your area and they should be able to give you a more definitive answer.


Based on the information in your question it would appear that you could have your license reinstated sooner than the DMV/DDS has indicated. I would suggest that you consult an attorney in your area that has experience in resolving Drivers License issues. Take a copy of your drivers history (7 years) and because it was so long ago, I would also advise you to get a copy of your criminal history with you when you meet with the attorney. You will need these documents in order to accurately determine the dates involved with each of your previous convictions. Knowing the exact dates of the previous convictions is very important when dealing with Drivers License Issues. Experienced attorneys often deal directly with the DDS attorney and avoid dealing with the employes at the local DDS offices. I hope this information has been helpful. Good Luck!

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