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Can i get my juvenile felony sealed?

Tacoma, WA |

i had one felony when i was a juvenile and was wondering even though its a felony if it is possible to get it sealed? thank you for your time.

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Juvenile records are generally automatically sealed when a person reaches the age of adulthood. Your record exists, however, the average member of the public is not suppose to have any way to find out about it, and it is generally not appropriate for a potential employer to ask about juvenile adjudications, (if you note they are called adjudications not convictions). The only people who can find out about it is frankly the government; if you were to apply for a jobe with law enforcement, FBI, etc. they can and will find out about your juvenile record, however, this would be true even if you sought and were successful in having the adjudication expunged. So, there is really not to much to be gained by hiring an attorney to get something expunged that is already sealed anyway and will not affect the government's ability to find out about. Just remember that when employers, schools, etc. ask about prior "convictions" on an application that that does not include juvenile "adjudications".

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