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Can I get my investments? If I cant get my investments can I still at least get the 6,100.00 cash that I handed him.

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Posted 05 July 2012 - 04:56 PM

I met a man who was interested in dating I was getting over a very recent relationship and didnt want to jump into things however this man I met dove right in. We talked a cou;le days he owns a security business and does investments for a living. This man wanted to take care of me and help me so he offered to do investments for me I did not trust giving money out so I said to go ahead and do the first investment for me I would borrow 1,800 from him he would roll it into an investment of 20,000 in 4 to 6 weeks he calls me to tell me the investment has been complete and he wants to do a 30,000 dollar investment for me because that is what his brother just walked away with. I had issues with handing over 2

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If the man is a broker and has your money in an investment account, write to his branch manager and demand your money back. If he is gathering money from numerous people and pooling it in one account, absent a fund document this is highly improper.

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He pulled money from family, himself and I. Is there anything I can do.

Jonathan Warren Evans

Jonathan Warren Evans


Contact your local district attorney's office and seek help from "white collar crime unit" if one exists in your jurisdiction.

Robert V Cornish Jr.

Robert V Cornish Jr.


My guess is that if he's doing this with you, he's doing with others outside of your family as well. If this person works for a brokerage firm or an adviser, he is in serious trouble. Feel free to discuss further off-line.


"if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is"...."a fool and his money are soon departed".....These are maxims which have application to yours and others' situations I hear about on a daily basis. Before you EVER give a nickel of your hard earned money or savings to someone who claims to be someone who wants to help you achieve"financial security" or "economic independence", who doesn't fill you in with references, details, and credentials about himself, you should run, not walk, away with all your energy. Your remedy in this case, based upon your scant facts, is to sue the person in small claims court because of the relatively modest sum involved. Good luck!


Call your state's Attoney General this is likly a a criminal fruad done to you.

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