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Can I get my General Discharge upgraded?

Montgomery, AL |

I was discharged after two years of service in the army reserves for failing a drug test.

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Every case is different. But absent you being able to prove that you did not use drugs, the odds are not in your favor.

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Philip Douglas Cave

Philip Douglas Cave


You would have to convince the DRB you did not do drugs and why you likely waived contesting that at the time of discharge. In the event you can't show either, then you are unlikely to get an upgrade. And if you were it would only be after you'd been discharged a very substantial amount of time, usually in excess of ten years.


In order to have your characterization of discharge corrected or upgraded the only option you have it to apply to the Army Discharge Review Board in Washington D.C. I currently have a case pending before the Board and am very familiar with the process. Feel free to give me a call to discuss further. The initial consultation is always free.


VERY unlikely in the facts you provided.

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