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Can I get my Engagement rings back

Pittsburgh, PA |

I have tried numerous times to get my rings back from my ex. She gets more angry every time. And last time she blocked her number. We were engaged for about 8 months give or take a few months. I paid 1700 bucks for them and would just like to finalize this and be on my way. I only have one receipt of this, which is a credit card statement showing I spent 1700 dollars at the mall. I dont know where to contact a lawyer in PA to maybe right up a letter. So maybe it could scare her? I just want justice done, and from my understanding she indeed has to send them back to me. If i am correct. thanks for the help

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An engagement ring is a gift "in contemplation of marriage". If the marriage does not occur you are entitled to the return of the ring. This is the general rule, although, there are some rare exceptions that usually do not apply. You may file a civil suit (small claims) requesting the value of the ring $1,700.00.

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