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Can I get my drivers license suspension dismissed for an underage drinking that happened 13 years ago??

Emmaus, PA |

I am a 31 year old man who lost his driving privileges when I was 17. I am eligible to recieve it back in 2018. Mainly alot of underage drinkings, dus and 2 dui's. One dui being in 2009 and the other in 1999. Anyway. I still have 2 underage drinking suspensions to serve on my drivers record, both from the year 2000. They both total 3 years of driving suspension. If I could somehow get them both expunged, than Id be eligible to recive my license in 2015. Is this possible? Do the courts and penndot ever make a special exception for such silly things that happened so long ago? I mean, we're expecting a child and I'm doing everything I can think of to get any kind of license to drive. I served 13 out of 18 years on my suspension. When will I be given a 2nd chance to drive?

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I'm not optimistic that any relief can be granted. However, you should secure your full driving record from Pendot then have an attorney who specializes in license restoration look at it. Good luck.


I totally agree with Attorney Keller's response. It is certainly worth discussing the situation with an attorney of the sort already recommended with your complete driving record available for review. If there is anything that can be done, that is the only process that will reveal such a course of action. It can not be figured out by you on the Internet. Finally, with respect to exceptions from PennDOT, that is not going to be a viable option for you.


It looks like a long, complex history. I would need to look at everything. However, you should know that PennDot is very strict and it can be difficult to change a suspension that was handed down so long ago.