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Can I get my driver's license back quicket than one year after a suspension based on a DUI.

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I got my license suspended because I got a DUI. I heard that I could get it back because of some new law. It was suspended for one year. Can I get it back?

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Here is a post from my blog answering this question.

One of the major things that can cause big problems for a person in Kansas is a DUI Conviction and a suspension of a driver's license because of that conviction.

As I wrote about in my bi-weekly article published in several Kansas newspapers, the word is getting out. People are hearing the buzz about the new Kansas law affecting people who have a license suspension due to a DUI Conviction. Suspended driver's want to know how they can get their license back and what they need to do.

Normally, a person is punished under the law that is current when they commit the illegal act. However, the new law is allowing people that have broken the law in the past to petition to get there license suspension reevaluated under the new law. The new law can allow people to get their ability to drive back far quicker than the old law.

Here is a Video that talks about this subject.

Hope that helps!

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Possibly, it depends on several factors. The law now says that if your license was suspended for a second or subsequent "occurrence", meaning a chemical test failure or refusal, the suspension can be turned into a restricted license after 45 days of the suspension have been served. The procedure can be found on the Department of Revenue website. It requires that you send in a form along with $100.00 (do not send cash). They will then check to see if you are eligible. If nothing else is suspending your license, like unpaid tickets, they will issue a restricted license. Either way they will keep the money. It is important to remember that the license you get will require the installation of an ignition interlock, requiring you to blow into an intoxilizer each time you start the car, and that you are restricted to driving to and from work or school and the interlock provider. It is not a perfect solution but is better than being suspended for the rest of the year.

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