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Can I get my Cna/nursing license with a misdemeanor & withheld felony fraud charge??

Perry, FL |

Can I get my cna/ nursing license with a record?

Asked 10 days ago - Perry, FL

I have one misdemeanor credit card fraud charge & W/hold of adjudication on a felony credit card fraud charge. I'm 19 years old I did something very very stupid and I highly regret it looking at the consequences I'm now facing. I wanted to get some clarity on whether or not will I be able to obtain a nursing assistant or practical nursing license with this criminal background. I really want to be a nurse, that's my dream but I don't know if I've messed up my chances or not. please help me ?? :(

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My understanding is that the two charges won't derail your licensing as a practical nurse under the new regulations for medical professionals in Florida. This is true because you have a with-holding of adjudication on the felony count, meaning you were not formally found to be guilty and as to the misdemeanor adjudication should not matter.

However, before spending time and money on further education, you should anonymously contact the Florida DOH (Department of Health, formerly known as DPR) and simply ask if a person in your circumstances with two priors, a misdemeanor credit card fraud conviction with an adjudication of guilt and a felony credit card fraud charge with a with-holding of adjudication are going to make it impossible to obtain a nursing license.

If your priors will not allow you to move forward with your nursing plans, you should hire an attorney to ask the judge for a re-sentencing on the charges so that you do not run afoul of the Florida DOH.


From the Florida Dept of Health:
"Each application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Board of Nursing considers the nature and severity of offenses and how recently they occurred, as well as rehabilitation and other factors. The Board cannot make a determination for approval or denial of licensure without evaluating the entire application and supporting documentation. For more information please review the following document: Criminal History and Discipline Information."

Here is a link with a lot of specific info responsive to your concern:

Keep in mind that full disclosure of all info called for in the license application is absolutely essential.

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