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Can i get my children back?

Paragould, AR |

in 2009 my 4 children got tooken by the state, the case that was open was only on my 2 oldest children, in 2010 i went to prison for 8mths, my 2 oldest childrens father got custody of them, i still have visitation rights with them that he has denied me of for 3yrs. my 2 youngester children who wasnt even on my case they made me sign my rights away when i went to prison for 8mths, i signed them over to my sister inlaw and dhs ended up getting them back, now they are adopted out to a family. can i take it back to court sence they wasnt even on my case? and i still had 4mths left when i got out prison for the deadline. i didnt even sign my rights over to dhs i signed them to my sister inlaw. i have visitation rights with my 2 children that my case was open on but not my youngester

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As to the two younger children, if they were adopted then in the eyes of the law you are a legal stranger to them and you won't be able to get them back unless there was some problem that would cause the adoption to be invalid.

As to the two older children, it appears that the father was given custody but your parental rights are intact. In that case, you would be able to petition the Court to modify its orders to grant you custody -- but in order to do so you would need to be able to show that there has been a "material change of circumstances," and typically the courts will not find it to be sufficient if the only alleged change is an improvement in the non-custodial parent's circumstances.

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he is gone all the time, he works on the river boat, he is gone 30 to 40 days and only home 15. his girlfriend kicked him and my children out on the street and now his aunt is taking care of them. i pay my child support every month on time, i send my kids presents all the time and he denies me the right to see them or talk to them. i have had no contact with my children sence april of 2010. his mother is the one who keeps me informed on how they are and whats going on. my 11 yr old daughter told her daddy that his girlfriend had another man in her bed. what chances would i have on getting my custody back?