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Can i get my child back if i sighned my rights over and was promised by this women that she would give her back?

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i was in a really bad relationship for ten years with my childs father. he beat me up alot and then got a batery on our child and dcfs took her away from me and gave her to his mother. she lets her father see my child and spend the night with him. she is putting my child in danger. when we was in court i was living out of town and it was very hard for me to do everything dcfs wanted me to. so his mother told me if i sighned my rights over to her she would give my doughter back to me when dcfs was out of are lifes but she lied to me. she didnt let me see my child for three years and i did all my classes and now she wants me to be in my childs life. im married now and i want my doughter back. she is putting my child in danger by letting her be with her father. is there anything i can do?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "signed my rights over." If you mean you executed a consent to adoption, there is likely nothing you can do. Adoptions are intended to be permanent terminations of parental rights and for all legal purposes you are no longer the child's mother. If this was an adoption, you could consult an attorney to see if there is anything you can do, but absent very peculiar circumstances (which are not indicated in your question) there is nothing you can do to reverse the adoption.

If you mean you entered into a guardianship, then that guardianship can be terminated if you can make appropriate showings. This would be a legal proceeding and a somewhat complex one. I would strongly suggest you seek the services of an attorney.


There are not enough facts here to try to give an answer. You need to consult a family law attorney ASAP. Bring all your papers with you.

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