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Can I get my car back from the impound lot if I was selling it to my brother, though it's in his name?

Wyoming, MN |

I sold a car to my brother, and he is making monthly payments, he got stopped for DWI, and now the car is in impound, they will not give it back to him. Unfortunately, the car needed tabs, and the title needed to be transferred, so instead of doing it in my name, just to do it again upon completion of payment by him, I wrote up a bill of sale for the DMV, stating I had sold it to him, however, he is making monthly payments, and has not yet paid it off. I have receipts etc. I didn't put a lein on it though. Is there anything I can do to get it from the impond lot for myself?

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If your bother will cooperate, have him transfer it back to you so the title matches the story. Then pick it up. Talk to impound why can't brother get car? Can he sell it?

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