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Can i get my C.D.L after two dui's the first one was 10 years ago and second one was 5 years ago

Menomonee Falls, WI |

i need to obtain a cdl for anew job but i have to dui's

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If both DUIs were after September of 1995 (and it sounds like that is the case), then the first answer is correct. You are ineligible for a CDL.

I know that is not what you want to hear, but that is the truth.

Good luck!


Federal law says NO. All states must comply with federal law.
A second lifetime DUI disqualifies you for LIFE. This includes DUI-DWI-OWI-OUI offenses that occurred in a private vehicle in any jursidiction.

William C. Head

William C. Head


Depending on the DATE of the first DUI and the date of the new DUI, you MAY be able to qualify in some states for a CDL license. Federal law changed in the last decade, and could not act retroactively, to the detriment of motorists. So, the changes were PROSPECTIVELY.


I almost always agree with Mr. Head on everything about DUI cases. He is one of the most brilliant DUI defenders in America. In this case, however, you may not be barred from a CDL. The law making 2 DUI's in a private vehicle a reason to suspend or deny a CDL for life went into effect in September 2005. Some states enforce it differently from others. In some states - perhaps Mr. Head's state - they look at the number of DUI's in your life and if there care two you cannot get a CDL or it will be suspended if you have one. In other states - for example Maine where I practice - the state does not count private motor vehicle DUI's occurring before September 2005 against you for CDL purposes. If you are in one of those states you may be able to get a CDL. You should see a top-flight DUI lawyer in your state on this issue.


Forget whether you qualify to get one, that is not nearly as important a question as will you be able to get a job if you were able to attain a CDL. The problem is that no insurance company will insure you with 2 DUIs, hence no one will hire you.

It is good that you are taking steps to improve your life, but do not waste your time or money pursuing this line.

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