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Can i get my bail money back if no charges were filed against me?

Alhambra, CA |

i got arrested for possesion for sale,got bailed out and on my court date they gave me a paper stating no charges were filed pc849 so i call the bonds ppl and asked if i get my money back.. they said no. the contract i signed said that even if i get a bail reduction,was mistakenly arrested or my case dismised they are not obligated to return me my money.the thing is it doest say anything about charges not being filed against me.

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Unfortunately, you probably cannot get your bail money back. Bondsmen are not usually noted for being in the business of providing free bail. They took the same risk guaranteeing your bond as they would have with someone who's case was filed. They make their money by ensuring your temporary release from custody. And they usually stick by the letter of their agreement.



if they want to get technical in their contract it doesnt say anything about keeping the money for no charges filed and in that case i was not even arrested i was detained


No, you cannot get the money you paid to the bail bondsman back.

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Had you put money down with the court, you could get it back. BUT, you paid a bondsman a fee to get you out, they did the work, and you are out the money. They did exactly what you paid them to do.

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You are not entitled to get any monies back from the bail company. The service they provide is to get you out of jail, pending the resolution of the case. It doesn't matter if the resolution takes 3 days or 3 months....The bail company earned their fee when they got you out of jail, and posted their bond. Sorry, but that's the answer. I wish you well, and I'm glad they never brought charges against you......David Wallin