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Can i get my 12 year old possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine charge erased from my record in Virginia

Newport News, VA |

I havent had any other felonies since this charge just a couple misdemeanors

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Attorney answers 2


That depends on whether it was just a charge and you were found not guilty (or the case was otherwise dismissed) at trial, or if you were found guilty of the offense. If you were found not guilty or the case was dismissed in court, you may qualify for expungement under Virginia law. However, if you were found guilty then the only way to get it off your record is by petitioning the Governor for a pardon. More info on that in the link below. I would suggest contacting an attorney if you want to file a petition for expungement or pardon.


Short answer is that if you were convicted, there is no hope of expungement. As the other attorney indicated, the pardon process would be your only opportunity for it to be eliminated from your record.