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Can I get money from hotel garage or their insurance, my car was broke in and stolen my personal property worth almost $6000?

Atlanta, GA |

I left my car in Atlanta, GA at hotel parking garage which I pay, and get flyth. When I come back they told me that somebody broke in my car, so thay called towing service and my car is at the towing lot. I was so cofuse, even why they call towing service???
Anyway, I pay $280 to get my car from the lot, also I call police and I have police report to.
From hotel garage, manager told me that they are not reponsibile for my lost!
Also, I ask them, police officer to ask them why they didn`t make any statement when they found my car open and why even they call towing service? No any answer.
I`m realy like in some bad dream, I can not belive what`s happen.

There was also tree deferent storys which not mach, about what happen from sequrity manager and guys who work at parking garage. That make me more woried.

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I do not practice in GA so this is just a general statement. In KY the use of a parking lot is subjet to posted rules and the terms printed on the receipt. You say that you were using a Hotel parking lot - but you were not staying at the hotel. Does the hotel allow non-guests to park there? , if any. Since your car was towed its apparent that they did not believe you had the right to park there. If not then you have very limited claims. Also, many parking lots include property loss warnings and disclaimers on the parking ticket. My suggetion is that you turn it in to your own insurance company and let them try to recover from the Hotel.
Good Luck



Thank you, for answer, here is some aditional information as you ask: I was stay at the hotel before i get flyght to california, and also stay at hotel when I come back. Before I left, I ask front desk to give me directions to the long term parking at the airport, but THEY told me that I can left my car and pay $16 daily at their parking garage.