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Can i get married at the age of 16 even if im partially owned by the government to a 20 year old ?

Miami, FL |

i got taken away from my mom over 4 months ago, but really wanna marry my boyfriend. would it also help me get away from the governments control ?

my grandmother and entire family including my dad adores him, except my mom. so i am allowed to date him.

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Nobody "owns" you and at 16, if your parents do not agree, a Judge will have to give you an answer.

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when i said im owned by the government i ment i am being helped by an organization called charlee and dcf is still involved


It is not clear why you state that you are "owned" by the government. Who took you away from your mom and, if your dad is in the picture, why would the government be involved? It seems like you need to sit down and speak to your father and figure out what is going on. Getting married is not a good escape from parental control. Best of luck to you.

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