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Can i get into law school with a felony on my record

Indianapolis, IN |
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Unless there are facts you don't state, a dui is a misdemeanor. It will not prevent you from practicing law although it may slow down the application process. It certainly will not stop you from attending law school. If every lawyer who had suffered a dui conviction were banned from the bar our ranks would be cut in half. I do advise you to buy an hour's time of a specialist in bar admissions for help in how to present yourself so as not to have problems with the bar. The key words are "full disclosure." The dui will not keep you out; lying on your application will.


I don't think it will stop you from getting into law school.

Attorney Jason Chan
77 Franklin Street, FL3
Boston, MA 02110

Disclaimer: I am not licensed to practiced law in this state. This is for informational purposes only.

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