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Can I get into a trouble for using my husband's debit card?

Springfield, IL |

We are separated right now and most likely divorcing. We have been married for 7 years. I have not worked during our marriage and all of the money is in accounts with only his name on them. I have all of the accounts information for everything because I took care of all the bills. My question is, can I get into a trouble if I use this information to provide basic needs, fuel, food, necessities?

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If you are continuing to pay marital bills as you have in the past, you should be fine. Please hire a lawyer ASAP. That debit card will probably be canceled soon and you will need a court order for contribution to expenses ans well as for temporary maintenance.


You should hire an attorney who will be there for you and know ALL the facts of your case and answer all your questions as the case proceeds. He obviously gave you the password to use it so you cannot get in trouble fr using your snow marital funds. However most lawyers representing him will tell him to change the password so you cannot use it. Until that happens go right ahead.

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Based on the limited facts you have provided, you will not get "into trouble" if you spend the money on normal family expenses.